Vertical Integration

Fourdotone can incorporate an interface of analytics with sensors, automation systems, robotics, energy analyzers and relay information systems for creating end to end solutions. Our approach visualizes and alerts accordingly on time-series data at the edge of anomaly detection and/or Alerts.

Naming the Vertical Integration as the first step of digital transformation of today’s industrial environments, Fourdotone has enabled many businesses and carried various brands through their first step of automation, providing businesses with gains in utilization, OEE and further topics.
We identify potential concerns and gaps that will help your business to deploy limited resources more cost effectively. Maximizing equipment uptime and enhancing interface (RS232,422) with protocol quality (Zigbee, Bluetooth) for a better optimization; Fourdotone is ready to implement vertical integration to your business while ensuring a miniscule of returns compared to your investment.
As of today, Fourdotone has achieved between 6-12 months of ROI through out its references.