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What is Industry 4.0 ?

First came steam and the first machines that mechanized some of the work our ancestors did. Next was electricity, the assembly line and the birth of mass production….

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Fourdotone offers Industrial Digital Transformation solutions with zero human touch, providing fully integrated manufacturing systems which are easily configurable…

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Our blog talks about Industry 4.0 challenges, news and discussions. We invite you to take a look at our perspective and see what’s cooking in our tink-tank.

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Vertical Integration

Fourdotone can incorporate an interface of analytics with sensors, automation systems, robotics, energy analyzers and relay information systems for creating end to end solutions. Our approach visualizes and alerts accordingly on time-series data at the edge of anomaly detection and/or Alerts.

Digital Factory

Fourdotone considers digital ecosystem as an opportunity for companies to collaborate with entrepreneurial partners located anywhere around the world. We think that  opportunities of today’s digital ecosystem can project 2030 standards to our day while enabling us to convert your business to digital factories; creating virtual outputs for different scenarios.

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